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Elite Welding Academy - Pipe Welding School

Structural and Pipe Welding Program: Starts every January, March, May, July, September and November - and are only six months long. To view next start date click on the month for class schedule.(click on the month for class schedule)

Manufacturing Welding_SP Program: Starts every February, AprilMay, July, August, October and December- and are only six months long. To view next start date click on the month for class schedule.

To become a welder it takes time, patience and determination and the ability to learn. Almost everyone that goes to a welding school finds out that although it is a difficult skill to master, the payoff is a career full of fulfillment and adventure unlike any other trade and is in high demand.

Today’s Welders work in various jobs and situations that are very important to the nation’s stability, such as barge repair, energy production, highway transportation, manufacturing, and military applications. More and more U. S. industries report difficulties locating qualified individuals with welding expertise. Welders are one of the most needed jobs in all of the construction fields. Buildings, bridges and roads cannot be constructed without a welder to build the frames. Equipment used to construct other objects is first made by a welder. Welding is a profession that will not go away, even as technology accelerates.

Elite Welding Academy has crafted a program to help its students to become JOB READY!

When we started the programs at EWA we knew we had to put a program in place that was a step above other programs being offered. One that gets you job ready. We know that welding in position in the field is not the same as welding in a booth. Once you master the weld in the booth, we put you up on a ladder and then have you make the weld six inches off the ground. Our instructors have years of experience in the field and have the knowledge to teach you the safe, proper and productive way to do the job.